Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New Workbench

Wow that month went fast! I cant believe its been over a month since I started this blog and this is only my second post. Must do better this month... My excuse is its school holidays and the kids are taking up all my time!

One exciting piece of news is that I'm having a new jewellery bench made. Its being made by the lovely Tony at Craft Benches UK and it's almost finished! Heres a sneaky peek of it still being made:

Its made from pine with a European Oak top. It truly is a bespoke desk, Tony has been fantastic! Everything I asked for, Tony very kindly obliged. He even duplicated my old peg, making an exact replica in oak! Look!

Some other news is that as well as my etsy shop I now have a Coriandr shop. It's similar to etsy but is British and therefore the currency is in pounds. Etsy is American and I think the currency was offputting to British customers.
Well I really am out of practice because its taken me over an hour to write this post. I'll say good night now, see you next time...