Friday, 11 April 2014

Making balls

Just thought I would share some of my processes that I use to make my jewellery. Don't know if you ever noticed the 3 little balls in the centre of my flowers? Well, I make these individually. I find this quite therapeutic and usually make them when I'm not in the mood to make anything else but still need to be productive. It can be quite fiddly, but then again I like fiddly!

It's an age old process called granulation, and it's great for using up scraps of silver that are too small to be used for anything else. Here I'm using spurs I've cut off some castings.

Heating them to melting point turns them into little balls.

Then I apply them to the centres of my flowers.

It was nice to discover they made great little 'everyday' earrings on their own.
These are now for sale in my etsy shop

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